30 Hours Funding available for eligible families. Spaces for children aged 3 months to 5 years.


We offer every child a warm and welcoming environment and we strive to keep all children safe, happy and healthy. All children are offered different daily activities and encouraged to develop their individual skills and interests.

We endeavour to help all children explore, develop and grow through the support of our qualified Nursery Nurses. Policies are in place that protect all children in our care: Safeguarding Children, Health and Safety, Positive Behaviour and Equal Opportunities.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To allow each child to develop to their fullest potential.

  • To understand and meet the individual needs of each child.

  • Teach social awareness and respect for one another, regardless of each others beliefs.

  • Promote equal opportunity for all, regardless of our differing needs.

  • Encourage good social skills with confidence, communication, self expression and sensory awareness.

  • Inspire fun, creativity and humour.

  • Advocate positive attitudes, good manners and good listeners.

  • Teach problem solving, numeracy, science, independence and initiative.

  • Motivate physical co-ordination.


We consider health and safety of each child of upmost importance and each child is allocated a ‘key person’ when they first start at the Nursery.  This ‘key person’ will ensure that your child feels individually cared for. Children’s meals are cooked on site every day by our qualified cook. We use fresh fruit and vegetables and source meat locally. We cater for all allergies and dietary requirements.  
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We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of individual children. All of our staff are expected to share this commitment and have been thoroughly vetted in accordance with Ofsted requirements. Our Senior team are all qualified and highly trained in child care and education. We also use an apprenticeship scheme to train enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are starting out in their childcare career. Staff receive regular ongoing training to help them to further their career and knowledge of childcare to reach their full potential.
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All of our Nurseries practice a range of policies and procedures. These are available for all parents to read. Policies and procedures are set and put in place by OFSTED and EYFS to safeguard children. These include procedures for illness and disease, health and safety, child protection, security, hygiene, food and nutrition to name a few. 
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